Current projects

Liveworkhomes, the UK's new property finder website for live/work units, went online
(December 2006)

Rethinking social housing, a report for the think tank the Smith Institute, edited by Tim Dwelly (including key chapters by him) was launched at 11 Downing Street in front of a specially invited audience
(summer 2006)

A tenants' guide to Ealing Homes' tenancy agreement was completed
(July 2006)

Housing Corporation regional reviews. Seven reviews edited by Tim Dwelly, research and case studies by Lisa Thomspon and Corin Williams. Photos by Steve Tanner, design by Nick Harpley
(January 2006)

Live Work Network, the company that owns TDiP, produced Under the radar, a report for the Countryside Agency's Commission for Rural Communities on supporting rural home base businesses. Written by Tim Dwelly with Frances Truscott and Kath Maguire, photos by Steve Tanner, design by Nick Harpley
(July 2005)

Live Work Network also publish a report on rural live/work schemes alongside the Countryside Agency report above: Rural live/work
(May 2005)

Recent work

Making it happen in neighbourhoods - the national strategy for neighbourhood renewal four years on (for ODPM). Edited by Tim Dwelly, designed by Nick Harpley, photos by Steve Tanner and Paul Herrmann
(March 2005)

Neighbourhood management - a practical guide (for National Neighbourhood Managament Network). Edited by Tim Dwelly, designed by Nick Harpley, photos by Steve Tanner
(April 2005)

Ccase studies for the NRU/ODPM. Tim Dwelly, Frances Truscott, Kath Maguire, photos by Steve Tanner. See New Deal for Communities section of NRU website
(2004 and 2005)

TDiP, in a consortium with web developers Altcom Ltd, created Creating Excellence, the south west's regeneration centre of excellence website. We also provided the main launch case studies, with photos by Steve Tanner

Housing market renewal pathfinders - 2003 conference report (for ODPM,) written by Tim Dwelly with Lisa Thompson and David Blackman, photos by Paul Herrmann, design by Nick Harpley (February 2004)

Managing neighbourhood change - neighbourhood management 2003 conference report (for NRU/ODPM,) written by Tim Dwelly, photos by Paul Herrmann, design by Nick Harpley (March 2004)

Homes that work, a national report on housing association live/work schemes for the Housing Corporation, written by Tim Dwelly, research by Andy Lake and Stephen Aitken, design Nick Harpley, photos Steve Tanner (October 2003)

THE LIVE WORK NETWORK, an initiative with associates Andy Lake and Stephen Aitken to provide good practice information via web/email and seminars (October 2003)

Time to go home - embracing the home work revolution, report for the Work Foundation (formerly Industrial Society)
by Tim Dwelly and Yvonne Bennion (May 2003)