Tim Dwelly and a number of the TDiP team are based in Cornwall, the emerging 'digital peninsula'. Electronic and web transmission has removed the time barrier for these professionals, enabling them to work from anywhere in the UK. That's why they have chosen Cornwall

Important face to face meetings can be part of a project where required. Tim Dwelly can make one day trips to UK cities with ease, using train sleeper services or Newquay airport. He regularly meets clients in UK Cities this way. TDiP photographers will of course travel to wherever the project requires

Why Cornwall?

Without city (especially London) overheads and costs, Cornwall based TDiP team members can offer exceptional value for money

Cornwall was in at the start of the communications revolution 130 years ago. The first cable was laid from Porthcurno to B
ombay in 1870. By 1900 it was the global hub of the Victorian international communications network.
Seven telecommunications cables still operate out of Porthcurno today. In 1901 Marconi sent his first transatlantic radio signal from Poldhu on the Lizard peninsula, also home to Goonhilly Earth Station, the world's leading satellite centre, receiving and sending news around the world and broadcasting the World Cup via satellite links

Cornwall is fast developing clusters of knowledge, ICT and media businesses working with national/international clients from a quality of life setting. New technology made this possible. Today, more fibre optic cables leave Europe for other continents from Cornwall than any other place in the EU. Local authorities, notably Penwith in the west, are supporting Cornwall's new economy as EU Objective One funds flow into the county

Broadband news
Main BT exchanges in Cornwall now converted to ADSL with assistance from EU Objective One funds. A special service called Act Now offers additional benefits and subsidises a broadband package.

Digital Peninsula Network
An EU and government backed project to support over 200 knowledge, creative and ICT businesses in West Cornwall. It offers members networking meetings, a website and broadband/high end IT equipment.

Members include web designers, film makers, consultants, journalists, photographers, designers, translators and many more. It was founded by Tim Dwelly, who remains a director

As web designer and TDiP team member Greg Dyer puts it: "Cornwall is simply the best place in the UK to do ground breaking work like this"


Surfing at sunset by TDiP
photographer Steve Tanner