TDiP is a network of experienced professionals. On each project, the best team is assembled for the job. But clients can deal directly with director Tim Dwelly, who will co-ordinate the project from start to finish

Why TDiP works

Simplicity: It avoids you having to assemble your own team or deal with a time-consuming in-house/out-of-house hybrid

Expertise: You want people who understand your field researching and writing for you, not just PR. We offer that. Design companies almost never can. Unlike other companies we offer knowledge and presentation all in one

One stop contact: Tim Dwelly is your liaison point for the whole project. He checks quality and delivery for you. And you will only get one set of invoices, allowing you to track your budget easily

Budget certainty: By managing all parts of the process, TDiP provides certainty over the budget outcome. No more blaming third parties for delays and unanticipated extra costs

Quality control: All work is quality controlled. Only work of a high standard will be submitted. The flexibility of TDiP allows for alternative/additional suppliers to be sourced at short notice if required, with no client headaches

References: Please ask our clients what they think of us. We will be pleased to supply independent references on request

How TDiP works

1. You contact Tim Dwelly direct to discuss your project's needs. An assessment is made of your required design, style, costs and deadline

2. Tim assembles the most appropriate team to deliver your requirements. This might be anything from just a writer and photographer to a full start-to-finish product involving research, design, images, text and print/web output

3. The proposed arrangement is supplied to you as a bid/tender. Tim will come to meetings if required

4. Once terms have been agreed, the project begins. It is managed by Tim Dwelly, who coordinates all the other suppliers' work to a high quality and agreed deadline. You have 'one stop' liaison contact with him as project manager. He is, in effect, your editor/publisher for the duration of the contract

5. ICT working: The TDiP team work together on line, using the latest technology. We also have access to broadband. Page layouts, photos and web pages are transmitted electronically for revision/improvement

6. You can see work in progress in any format you choose. You may prefer post and CDs or you may want to open Acrobat pdf files sent to you by email or posted on this site

7. The end product, once approved, is sent (usually electronically) direct to your printers/web managers. Alternatively, TDiP can provide print and web hosting as part of our integrated service. This can be discussed as part of each project's budget

8. TDiP will contact you after delivery to check satisfaction and to gather feedback on any ways we could improve our service to provide even better value to clients in the future. If there are skills required that the current TDiP does not possess, new team members will be sourced and added to the TDiP network